About Us

RNEIs platform Scraptap is (ERP and Mobile) for stakeholders of recycling industry like Buyers, Sellers and Logistics providers. Scraptap is making the waste discovery, management and movement, efficient, real-time and cost-effective.

We are in a mission to enable people, communities and businesses at large to manage their waste from anywhere.
To disrupt the global recyling industry with our custom made ERP, consumer mobility solution and the state of the art ideal practices, thus to organize and simplify the recycling sector with an efficient and reliable end-to-end solid waste management solution.
It's difficult to mange the recycling of solid wastes without having a transparent, structured and robust channel to do it. The average person generates over 4 lbs. of trash everydy and about 1.5 tons of solid wastes every year of which 75% is recyclable aginst the 30% of what is done currently because of lack of an system to do it. Consumable goods are more, recyclable goods are going to surpass them.
RNEI's groundbreaking technology & services facilitate the end-to-end need of recycling solid wastes by collecting it from various industrial channels in partnership with local vendors and deliverying it to the recycling partners to delegate further recyclable goods as outputs.