Kg of Solid Waste Recycling Facilitated

Equivalent of Trees Saved

Scrap Collectors

Impact on Business and Houselholds

Direct employment generated

Indirect employment generated for BOP

Women Empowerment- 32% of the workforce are Women


A revolution in Recycling Industry

The amount of recyclable wastes generated everyday has been increasing exponentially. High quality packaging wastes in billion dollars run down to landfills inefficiently sorted and channelized through the highly unorganized recycling sector. There is a void for an aggregator who can bridge the technology gap and organize the informal procurement, logistics, reverse logistics, warehousing while leveraging the existing BOP recycling ecosystem.
At RNEI, our custom ERP, Consumer Mobility solution and state of art ideal practices facilitates groundbreaking technology & services for recycling industry. Our product & services are designed to organize the unstructured recycling industry, increase efficiency, bring transparency and enrich the existing BOP recycling ecosystem.

Product and Services

We offer solid waste management solutions, consulting and logistic services to people, community and wide array of industries through our Technology Platform "Scraptap"

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Logistics solutions for your solid waste

Zero waste campus

Our domain experts will help you reach 100% recycling and become a zero waste organisation


End to end support in recycling logistics

SWM Mobile solutions

We have consumer mobility solutions/mobile apps to help conect buyers, sellers and logistic providers readily

ERP for solid waste management

Our ERP is designed with years of research for different stakeholders of recycling industry and can be used by any organised player

Educate India

Impacting base of pyramid we educate masses from the revenue generated from recycling waste


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